Ronald B. Sterling has authored eight books in health information technology including Non-Fee for Service Revenue Cycle Management and  the  HIMSS Book of the Year Award winning Keys to EHR SuccessRon presents high impact ideas and valuable insights on how to use Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) and healthcare technology to improve patient service and financial results.

Ron’s has presented hundreds of seminars and workshops to a wide array of healthcare organizations.  He has spoken to groups of doctors, executives and administrators on the strategies needed to effectively use EHRs and protect patients.  He focuses on the practical use of healthcare information technology and the key challenges facing practices and healthcare organizations. 

Contact Sterling Solutions at rbsterling@sterling-solutions.com to receive additional information on our presentation topics including:

     Conquering Value-Based Business Models

     Quality Driven Healthcare and EHRs

     Revenue Cycle Management and EHRs

     HIPAA Security and Privacy Challenges

     EHR and Medical Professional Liability Risk  

     Patient Portals and the Patient Service Strategy

     Results Driven EHR Implementation