Ron Sterling, CPA, MBA is a nationally recognized thought leader on healthcare technology and an award-winning author.  Ron has advised healthcare organizations across the country on strategies to capitalize on patient service innovations and clinical workflow improvements.  From designing effective technology structures to guiding organizational changes needed to improve patient service and outcomes, Ron applies his 25 years of experience in healthcare technology to help organizations deal with the transition to manage COVID-19 driven changes as well as value-based patient care and service models. 

Through Sterling Solutions, Ron provides strategic and tactical advice to support the deployment and use of technology to meet evolving healthcare industry challenges.  Sterling Solutions has addressed a wide range of challenges for a diverse group of healthcare organizations:

Selected, negotiated for, and implemented healthcare technologies for a wide array of healthcare organizations and practices.  Designed documentation strategies for clinical and business operations to enhance medical records, patient services, and workflow.  Provided project leadership and management to guide and facilitate the transition of a diversity of primary care and specialty healthcare organizations to clinical technologies such as remote patient monitoring systems, telehealth tools and electronic medical records. 

Directed practices and healthcare companies on HIPAA Security and Privacy issues and compliance strategies.  Formulated HIPAA Security and Privacy Policies and Procedures as well as trained management and staff on HIPAA compliance issues.  Served as the HIPAA resource on resolution of HIPAA problems and designing mitigation strategies.

Presented training programs to mitigate EHR related medical professional liability (MPL) risks for healthcare organizations.  Developed risk measurement and analysis tools to minimize healthcare information technology related risks.  Trained staff and providers on MPL risk mitigation policies and procedures.

Served as the subject matter expert in legal proceedings involving claims of medical professional liability.

Designed enhancements to healthcare software products to meet evolving healthcare industry issues and requirements.  Analyzed current features and data structures to formulate enhancements and improvements.

Ron has analyzed software from over 150 vendors and has authored over 300 articles on health information technology for dozens of publications including Medscape.

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For more information, contact Sterling Solutions at  rbsterling@sterling-solutions.com