Sterling Solutions, Ltd. (SSL) provides a full range of services to help healthcare organizations (HCO) capitalize on healthcare information technology to improve patient services and operations under evolving changes to patient care and clinical standards.  Our services include: 

Remote Patient Monitoring Implementation - Success in Remote Patient Monitoring Services requires comprehensive strategies and tactics to establish the clinical protocols, staffing strategy and patient provisioning tactics to improve patient safety and services.  As important, HCOs need to assure proper attention and response to patient issues highlighted by actionable patient information produced by RPM each day.  SSL provides guidance on the wide array of workflow, clinical standards, and monitoring analytics as well as technology needed to capitalize on RPM to improve patient engagement, meet evolving performance standards, and enhance financial performance.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Transition – HCOs are responsible for maintaining patient records under a variety of state, federal, and professional requirements.  Most HCOs transitioning from an existing EHR face a daunting array of technical, strategic, and tactical challenges to assure that patient records are preserved and that the HCO has met HIPAA Security responsibilities.  SSL serves as a technical advocate for HCOs to assure that the patient record is preserved and that the new EHR is properly set up to benefit patient care and improve HCO clinical capabilities.

Risk Management – SSL collaborates with HCOs to reduce the EHR related medical professional liability (MPL) risk.  From daily use of technology to assuring timely patient services, SSL guides HCOs in the tactical use of technology to enhance patient services without raising MPL risk.

Litigation Support – SSL provides subject matter expert (SME) services to HCOs facing a claim of medical professional liability.  From assessment of the EHR based patient records to interpreting the sequence of events reflected in EHR records, SSL helps HCOs interpret EHR based records in defense of medical professional liability claims.  For a subject matter expert summary, click on the contact link.

Strategic Information Systems Planning - SSL develops strategic information system plans to support HCO clinical, operational and business objectives.  The use of evolving technologies such as remote patient monitoring and patient portals are the keys to success in value-based payment models.

Software and Hardware Consulting - SSL guides clients on evaluating, selecting and deploying a wide array of technologies including remote patient montoring systems, electronic health records, revenue cycle management systems, and patient portals to support patient service and clinical missions.

Contract Negotiation
 - SSL reviews and negotiates technology contracts on behalf of our clients.  We seek to develop a results-oriented relationship that protects clients from risk and save money as well as meet the HCO’s HIPAA Privacy and Security obligations.

Implementation and Continuing Support
 – The healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic changes driven by a wide array of technology, regulatory, and clinical changes.  From the evolving nature of value-based revenue strategies to Medicare Quality Payment Program, healthcare organizations need to improve their use of technology as well as their operational strategies around technology.  Sterling Solutions provides design and deployment expertise to establish an efficient clinical and management process that takes advantage of healthcare information technology to improve patient service and meet the evolving standards of care on a cost-effective basis.