Sterling Solutions, Ltd. guides healthcare organizations and medical practices in the use of technology to meet the dramatic changes in patient services and care strategies.  From changes in patient expectations to new ways to earn revenue, Sterling Solutions is uniquely qualified to guide your transition from fee for service healthcare services to innovative value-based patient care and management.  Such changes will require new clinical and operational patient service strategies and tactics.

Sterling Solutions provides a full set of services to deal with a variety of clinical and patient service challenges including:

·       Chronic Care Management

·       Remote Patient Monitoring

·       Medicare Quality Payment Program

·       PCMH/PCSP

·       HIPAA Security and Privacy

Unfortunately, many electronic health record (EHR) efforts focus on the technology and not facilitating patient service and clinical operations.  The net result is incurring the expense of technology without the efficiency or revenue benefits.  Sterling Solutions guides healthcare organizations to capitalize on technology to improve patient service, clinical efficiency and financial results.

From patient service and quality focused operational strategies to improving performance and saving money, Sterling Solutions is uniquely qualified to advise your organization on using healthcare information technology to improve clinical operations, and financial performance.